Linda Massoud

Office Manager

What Linda's clients are saying

Linda went above and beyond, trying to source honest answers from tradesman, to their availability, to getting an honest and reliable price and lastly dealing with tenants, She is an asset to your company, and absolutely needs to be acknowledged for her amazing efforts. Maria- Landlord Besides being a pleasure to talk to, she is responsive, proactively communicative, efficient, knowledgeable, and I am seeing that she is not just resting on achieving a satisfactory result, she is putting in extra effort to improve hat she has already achieved. One example being not just closing the tenant application when received but also negotiating with them to provide a better rental return than I was expecting. In a short time, I have gained a high level of trust in Linda and feel confident in leaving the management of the property to her with minimal interference from me. Linda is a strong asset to your team. Antony- Landlord Linda organised my repair so quickly, and was so very helpful. I really appreciate it! Angie- Tenant Thanks to Linda for making the moving process so easy, we appreciate her help so much! Cindrella- Tenant Thanks to Linda for being so efficient!! Kaee- Tenant


Phone: 9874 1142

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